Good all round (cold,hot) weather guard dog for rural area?

Question by just truth: Good all round (cold,hot) weather guard dog for rural area?
A friend of mine is looking for good cold weather/some hot weather guard dog that is family friendly. He wants a dog of medium build and that is very intelligent and protective but has a good coat for different types of weather because he lives in a pretty rural area and he likes to go camping all year round, even in snow and rain. He wants the dog to have a higher cold tolerance but also be ok in the heat because he camps anywhere from 20 degrees to low 80′s, also, even when he’s not camping he does a lot of hiking and jogging, so the dog should have at least a medium or higher amount of energy. He was really looking into an akita but for several reasons that simply won’t work. He was interested in the GSD for a while but not anymore as they are among the highest to have hip dysplasia. He’s currently looking at a rottie but he’s heard they don’t have the best cold tolerance. Also he’s not sure about how common the hip dysplasia is with them, and if they are very hardy healthy dogs in general. He would buy a coat for the dog if it was going to be below freezing, but doesn’t want to be cutting it close. Does anyone know about rotties or other guard dogs in cold weather from experience?

He’s also considering a mutt of akita or shepherd but again is very worried about the chance of hip dysplasia becoming a big issue or some other huge health problem, as he can’t really check if the parents health records if he’s getting the dog from a shelter. But don’t mixed dogs have a much higher health, and are less keen to have hip dysplasia regardless?

also, he doesn’t want a dog that is extremely rare (he wants to have plenty of information availiable on the breed and possible to find a vet with some experience with them) or extremely pricey (500-above).

Do you think he’s asking for too much, or does any breed come to mind? Would any of the above mentioned dogs work?


Define not cheap please, would he be looking between 300&500 for a well trained rottie or shepherd? or likely 500+?

if it makes any difference, the dog would be inside for the rest of the time, not in a backyard kennel.

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Answer by Brenna
Both the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are overbred, and so very unhealthy lately unless you dog your work finding a breeder and are willing to pay the price. Other possible breeds are Giant Schnauzer, Collie, Australian Shepherd, Belgian Tervuren, Otterhound, or German Wirehaired Pointer.

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  1. Almost Bulletproof Heart says:

    GSDs that have been certified for good or excellent hips would be fine… (reputable, not BYB) breeders test for that kind of thing to make sure it’s a minimum for their lines. St. Bernards are good in weather too (my neighbor has one), but you’d need to go for one that’s parents have been hip tested. Health problems are common in large “guard” breeds, it’s not really unavoidable. But if your friend is buying one from a trainer that’s already PPT trained it should be fine with the hips and all. Granted, PPT dogs are NOT cheap, nor are health tested ones… BYB, yeah, that crap is cheap but unhealthy and crappy guard dogs (some are so terribly bred they wouldn’t even know when to bark).

  2. Summer says:

    I know people who had a Rottie in NH where it’s pretty cold. However, she did get cold frequently and shiver.

    Here are some dogs that do well in cold climates:
    Bernese Mountain Dog
    Great Pyreneese

  3. samiah lowe says:

    A belgian mellanios comes to my mind And a dogo argentino also they do great in what ever weather.
    These also would be breeds to look into
    Siberian hisky
    Alaskan malumute
    Chow mix
    Great pyranese mix
    Pit lab
    You can. Also type in google dogs for alaska and russia or europe and nice healthy dogs that can handle work will come up

  4. Tugger says:

    The English Springer Spaniel has everything you are looking for. They love the outdoors and love to run. They are very protective of the household, but they are very gentle and loving with family, children and friends. They have beautiful eyes, and floppy ears. They would love to sleep in a tent with you anytime. They are great retrievers. Google them and look at their pictures and read about them. You would adore a dog like this and it will return your love double-fold.

  5. Jenny Manyteeth says:

    Mutts are not healthier than purebreds; no one screens the parents for genetic risks while planning a breeding.

    Working line Black Russian Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, Great Pyrenees, Kuvasz, Standard Schnauzer, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Australian Kelpie, Belgian Sheepdog, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collie, Bouvier des Flandres, Briard, German Shepherd Dog.

    He wants a breeder who is participating in performance events with the breeding stock: obedience trials, rally, agility and/or Schutzhund. The pups’ parents will have been screened for hip displasia (OFA rating of Good or Excellent), genetic eye problems (annual CERF certificates), and have demonstrated their trainability with performance awards. A reputable breeder will be willing to show the documentation.

    Good luck.

  6. Myra says:

    To start with just because a breeds parents and three generations back are OFA(American line) or a- normal/normal(German Line)certified there is no Guarantee the dog will not have hip/elbow problems. A breeder might guarantee against this and give you a new pup or refund if the one you bought comes down with it. Now a German Shepherd would work and if you want a Guard dog they are very expensive. As someone pointed out here the German Shepherds bred here in the States are over-bred and to my way of thinking they have taken a handsome dog and made it look ridiculous with the back so sloped it looks like it is squatting. So I would go with the German blood line and your friend won’t be sorry.
    Cost for the dog you are in the range but fully trained you are talking in the thousands.

  7. Molly says:

    I am mostly familiar with the herding group, so in my opinion I would say German Shepherd(yes you can still find good Shepherds out there), or Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren, or Belgian Sheepdog. They are all good dogs, he could also check with any of the breed rescue for a young dog of any of those breeds. Another dog that is fairly rare but they seem to becoming allot more common would be Dutch Shepherd. They are allot like the Belgian Malinois although sometimes a bit heavier, they have much less incidence of hip dysplaysia than the GSD if good breeding. And they tend to have good all weather coats. If too cold of course any dog would require a coat. For the Dutch Shepherd he could contact the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue. And I know all the other breeds have breed rescue. Good luck.

  8. GSD ~ Calm down and be open to new ideas! says:

    You will not find a dog below 500$ that is guaranteed to be healthy, if he wants a for sure healthy purebred (even though I do not believe it take a pile of paper to have a good dog) it will cost him 1500$ -3000$ …

    GSDs only have hip dysplasia if you get show lines (never get show lines with any working breed) or buy it from the paper (paper breeders are BYBs and have unhealthy dogs and are only breeding for money), if you buy GSD from a reputable breeder who breeds quality working dogs you will have a healthy family dog but it will cost 1000$ at the very least…

    Rottweilers are great dog but for first time dog owners they are not the breed I would suggest, GSDs are just as protective if not more but they are easier to show who is safe, Rotties tend to take everyone as a threat to their owner, so they need to be socialized and trained very early in life… Rotties aren’t prone to hip dysplasia like GSDs but they are prone to elbow dysplasia… For a healthy Rottie it will cost about as much as a GSD but I believe that the working Rotties with proof of health cost a little more than GSDs, maybe around 3000$ …

    Akitas are beautiful dogs and are great dogs when properly trained but they won’t take crap from anyone, that are a very dominant breed and need to be socialized more then a Rottie, I don’t know the price range for a healthy Akita but they the major health concerns are CHD and PRA…

    And yes, mutts in general are healthier then purebreds because they aren’t near as inbred, and even if the dog was half GSD I doubt it would have hip dysplasia unless its German Shepherd parent was bred really bad…

    I would suggest telling your friend to make sure he is ready to train, groom, and exercise a dog daily, if he wants a dog that can tolerate cold he has to be ready to groom a dog everyday because weatherproof coats shed all year and large amounts of fur… Most people don’t know what it takes to properly train a dog and how much work it is to take care of a dog and make sure its healthy, it takes hours out of each day if you want it to be healthy, happy, and well behaved, especially for a large working breeds like your friend is into!!

    Explain to your friend that getting into purebreds is spendy and risky, and even getting a mutt will be spendy with vet bills and they require daily care just like any other dog…

    I hope your friend finds a good dog and treats it right! =)

    ADD: here are some videos on the breeds our friend is looking into–

    German Shepherd:

    On the Animal Planet Dogs 101 videos they make it sound simple to train a dog but its VERY hard if you haven’t done it before, even for experienced people it can get overwhelming and can feel hopeless at times… It is also not that simple to dog to be a good family dog unlike they make it sound in the Akita video…

  9. Bomber says:

    I love my Rottie… she is a loyal and intimidating dog and excellent around my 3 yo grand daughter as is my Golden.

    Having had goldens for years, I would recommend the breed as a loyal, family protective yet friendly animal and good to have around kids. Goldens are great in all types of weather and are very energetic. The perfect camping buddy.

    As stated, I love my Rottie but will never let her be alone with the baby.

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